Palette Life Sciences

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Inspired by both innovation and empathy, Palette Life Sciences sees things differently. Utilizing proven technologies in novel applications, Palette is able to create inventive solutions that elevate patient care.

To advance the brand, Cue created a new identity, a branded look and feel, and a set of core expressions to reflect Palette’s newly articulated proposition. And, we created a brand book to socialize the new proposition within the company.

Palette Life Sciences | Cue
Palette Life Sciences | Cue


Barrigel is an injectable barrier, used to protect healthy tissue during radiation treatment. For this product, we created an identity and brand expression with a point of view to reflect its innovative quality.

Palette Life Sciences | Cue
Palette Life Sciences | Cue


For Nasha (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid), we created an animation to visualize the properties and characteristics of this unique product. Making the the product visual not only helps doctors understand it better, the video also shows it in an innovative light.

Motion Design: Dennis Sengthong