We are brand design.

Exceptional brands have an essence that guides everything they do. A meaningful idea at the center of what makes them successful. That essence is revealed in compelling ways to make them relevant in a changing world. Framing and revealing the essence of exceptional brands is what we do.

Brand as a Philosophy

A strong brand is about embodying an inspired idea. When well defined, it invites people to join in a shared journey of products, experiences and ideas. The best brands become emblems of a collective vision, bonding companies and their audiences together.

Design as a Discipline

We see design as a problem-solving discipline, where uncovering the right questions informs purposeful, creative exploration. When creative expression answers real challenges in inspired ways, design connects emotionally and communicates effectively.

Collaboration as a Given

We embrace transparency and a spirit of collaboration to get to the heart of what’s important. Working across organizations, we create custom teams to facilitate collaboration with clients, in-house resources, agency partners and other disciplines, all supported with project management.

Cue | Brand design with meaning


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design
  • Brand Launch
  • Print Design
  • Environmental Design


Over the course of our careers, we've worked with blue chip brands in a variety of categories. At Cue, we're proud of the relationships we've had with an ongoing list of clients who have trusted us to do effective and gratifying work. We are inspired that each new client offers us the opportunity to use our collective experience to make their brands stronger.


Alan Colvin | Cue

Alan Colvin

Principal, Creative Director

Alan’s strength lies in his ability to answer complex problems with simple, powerful solutions. Over the course of his career, he has led the creation of award-winning work in brand identity, print, packaging, websites and environmental design. His breadth of experience and approachable style foster a high level of collaboration and focus.

Ed Mathie | Cue

Ed Mathie

Principal, Managing Director

Ed approaches brand strategy with the discipline of a Marketing MBA, combined with 25 years of experience crafting creative solutions. As Cue’s strategic lead, he has worked with blue chip brands in a variety of categories, such as consumer products and services, packaged goods and durables, corporate branding, B2B, technology and more.


Our culture fosters curiosity, creativity and collaboration in service to solving our clients’ needs. Every project is different, so we create customized plans for researching, creating and implementing solutions. And we take care to engage people who like working with people, so our clients have the best possible experience.

Cue Inc.
Cue Inc.