Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is a special edition whiskey crafted to honor Frank Sinatra’s fifty-year friendship with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Frank was a fiercely loyal, lifetime fan of the brand, and Sinatra Select was designed to be both a classic expression of style and an homage to two American icons. This exclusive outpouring of the distiller’s craft is matured in proprietary oak barrels for a bold flavor, timeless character and exceptional smoothness. A long-developing project between Brown-Forman and the Frank Sinatra estate, Sinatra Select was created to be offered at high-end retail stores and travel retail.

Frank Sinatra lived life with an independent spirit and a style that was truly his own. It helped him stand out in his time, and continues to distinguish him today. Inspired by that same independence and classic timelessness, Sinatra Select has a look that’s sleek and stylish, a reflection of Sinatra’s timeless good taste.

The special liquid is packaged in a bespoke bottle, a taller, sleeker interpretation of the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle, with a weighted base, embossed metal shoulder appliqué and medallion featuring Frank’s iconic fedora. The closure on top features the Jack Daniel’s Country Club logo originally created by Frank to adorn a blazer he wore in the 1950s, a statement of his independent way of living.

A special box incorporates a medallion secured with an orange ribbon. (Sinatra said that orange is the happiest color, and often used a bright orange pocket handkerchief to add pop to his tailored suits and tuxedos). Inside the box is a small, hard bound book that tells the story of Frank’s fifty-year relationship with Jack Daniel’s.