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90% of cavities and gum disease are caused by incorrect brushing – holding the brush at the wrong angle, not reaching all the right spots, and not brushing long enough. While 2 minutes is recommended, the Academy of General Dentistry reports the average person only brushes 40-70 seconds per day.

The new Encompass Brush aims to reimagine oral health. Rather than relying on people to brush perfectly, a team of dental professionals and engineers designed an entirely new kind of brush that delivers an optimal cleaning of your teeth and gums with every use.

The revolutionary J-shaped brush cleans each half of your mouth in just 10 seconds, meaning you can fully brush your teeth a mere 20 seconds. This is accomplished by the patented air pump system which delivers 100 brush strokes per second for the optimal cleaning experience.

Encompass Brush | Cue
Encompass Brush | Cue


Approaching the final stages of product and industrial design; the Encompass team focused on the strategies required to launch a brand in a time of increasingly online retail. Cue was instrumental in bringing the Encompass Brush to consumers through the creation of a packaging expression designed to convey the Encompass story.

Encompass Brush | Cue

Effortless Accessibility

A critical part of launching a successful direct-to-consumer brand is the creation of a singular touchpoint and expression of the brand. Without the ability for potential consumers to see the product in stores, a website carries a lot of weight. Balancing the ability to tell the brand story while clearly showcasing the product’s functions/features in an elegant manner.

Encompass Brush | Cue
Encompass Brush | Cue

“Design is storytelling. From our very first discussions Cue sought to understand not just our product, but our purpose. Their incredible team of thoughtful designers then masterfully brought both to life. We couldn’t be happier with this creative partnership.”

– Ryan Schwartz, Encompass CEO / Founder