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ELM is a formidable “team-of-teams”, comprised of three distinct companies – Englert, LeafGuard and MetalMan – whose competencies are well integrated. For over 50 years, Englert Inc. has been the gold standard for residential and commercial metal roof and gutter systems, with premier manufacturing and supply chain expertise. LeafGuard revolutionized residential gutter systems with its one-piece system, and direct-to-consumer efficiency and speed. And, MetalMan is the culmination of Englert manufacturing and LeafGuard direct-to-consumer model, bringing premium metal roofing to the residential market.

While each company tells its own story of success, the bigger picture of a sophisticated, integrated organization driving their collective success wasn’t revealed. ELM was created to reveal this collected expertise, vision and future potential, and to celebrate and enable this winning culture inside its walls.

The ELM brand reveals an expansive expertise in developing premium quality home & building solutions, and a structure for bringing solutions directly to business and consumer markets. This elevated role invites new partners and investors, advances its relationships with architects and contractors, and helps it attract top talent across its organizations. And, will help it grow at rate commensurate with its capabilities and opportunities.

Building A Reputation

Expressing a single, unified entity was a primary goal of the new ELM brand expression. Leveraging the success of each company, the brand brings expertise and a growing portfolio of building solutions under the ELM name. The new entity creates a solid foundation for a growing family of companies under one roof, creating greater value for investors, partners and employees.

ELM | Cue
ELM | Cue