Caribou Coffee Ready-To-Drink

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Portfolio Architecture

Caribou Coffee is bringing beverage innovation forward with a variety of ready-to-drink products packaged in in sleek, 11.5 Oz. cans. We designed them with an iconic, identifiable look and cues appropriate for each product.

Caribou’s popular, crafted cold brew products launched first, including Cold Brew Black Coffee, Original Crafted and Vanilla Crafted beverages.

Closely following are Bou-sted Sparkling Caffeinated Beverages. Sparkling Caffeinated Waters are packaged in white, ready-to-drink cans with two refreshing, low-calorie flavors: Grapefruit and Mixed Berry. Colorful, ready-to-drink cans deliver flavor-infused Sparkling Beverages in two flavors: Dragon Fruit and Passion Fruit Orange Guava.