Brand Design and Private Equity

Clarity is speed. When markets understand an idea, they can move quickly. Brand design builds strategic meaning into core identity and expression, revealing the proposition and laying claim to the idea. When your brand identity embodies your unique proposition, competitors are disadvantaged while partners and investors are drawn to your vision for success.

Reveal the Brand Vision

It’s often the case that investors see opportunity and value others don’t. Whether it’s carving out a single division or rolling up multiple similar companies, the market value is achieved when others see it as well. Brand design helps reveal the vision, and ultimately makes the value evident.

Signal Change, Drive Growth

When people inside the wall as well as out see and share the same vision, change and growth are accelerated. Few things signal change and focus attention like a strategic approach to brand identity and expression. And, growth is what turns the company you bought into the one you can sell.

Brand As A Value Multiplier

Brand Value typically averages 20% of a company’s market capitalization. And strong brands regularly out-perform the S&P 500 and other indices. In the realm of private equity, well developed brands create greater intangible value, and command higher valuations and multiples.

Case Studies

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