AI Fire: Leveraging A Flexible Brand Structure To Roll-Up Acquisitions

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Audax Private Equity saw an opportunity to integrate Academy Fire’s experienced call center network with Impact Fire’s talented field service organization to create AI Fire, a single, national organization specializing in fire protection services.

Cue was engaged to create a flexible brand system to leverage the equity of the acquired companies, while creating a unified organization in the market.

AI Fire | Cue
AI Fire | Cue
AI Fire | Cue

An Industry Largely Made Up Of Small, Local Shops

The fire protection industry is made up of a few very large, general services companies who offer fire protection, and thousands of medium to small companies that specialize in it. There are generally two operating models: 1. Large call centers managing client networks (e.g., a contract for hundreds of Starbucks), and 2. Local market service teams inspecting and maintaining systems (e.g., guys in trucks answering service calls). AI Fire’s opportunity was to rise above the fray with a network brand unlike any other, while at the same time creating a unified organization.

Core Identity System Elements

Cue created a proprietary brand icon that could be shared across divisions, and stand as the primary corporate mark. The system leverages key colors to differentiate the two operating divisions while establishing a common overall visual language.

AI Fire | Cue
AI Fire | Cue

System Iconography

New iconography was created to simplify and organize a breadth of services and offerings.

Headquarters Office Sign

A Shared Visual Language

A shared visual language utilizing different primary colors for each division informs a system that creates connection without causing confusion.

AI Fire | Cue
AI Fire | Cue

Seamless Integration

The system simplifies the rolling-up of new acquisitions into the organization. Since creating the new brand, AI Fire has rolled six additional organizations into its growing network of fire safety companies.

“The Cue team did an impressive job understanding our business, brand objectives and vision, taking three disparate companies to create a unified, cohesive story we can tell to our customers, potential investors, and acquisition targets.”

– Ellie Sparling, VP Strategy & Business Development, AI Fire