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Kamora crafts this rich coffee liqueur to honor ancient Mayan tradition. Made with authentic Mexican coffee, the product had a loyal following, but lacked energy and a strong presence on shelf. We were tasked with invigorating the brand to challenge category convention and reposition it with younger consumers. We responded by creating a new, high-energy expression designed to compete with its main competitor, Kahlúa.

Ancient Inspiration. Modern Imagination.

The new solution codifies Kamora’s visual brand elements, including Mayan step pyramid iconography, vibrant red and rich coffee tones, gold patterning that draws inspiration from the sun, and a strong wordmark.

Kamora | Cue
Kamora | Cue

Poised for Innovation

An expanded portfolio architecture was developed to support growth with innovative new products and recipes.

Kamora | Cue
Kamora | Cue

Old & New

The updated system elevates brand equities, respectfully and authentically. A modern expression created to expand the brand’s appeal to new audiences.

Photography: Cody Petts