Jack Daniel’s Brand Book

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Jack Daniel’s is one of the most recognized brands in the world, both in its category and within pop culture. As part of our ongoing work on the Jack Daniel’s Brand, we helped refine its expression and remain relevant to a contemporary, global audience.

Rich with history, Jack Daniel’s is a truly authentic American icon. Our exploration of the brand led to insights to understand what makes the brand special. We captured those insights in a book of Guiding Principles, written and designed to help internal groups and agency partners understand the essence of the brand and apply brand values in meaningful ways.

In addition to other efforts in support of the brand, Cue designed a book focused on independence, the essence of Jack Daniel’s. As a brand that embodies craftsmanship, the book is encased in a black, embossed wooden cover and is filled with inspiration for moving the brand forward, honoring its authenticity and celebrating its heritage.