Bonterra Organic Wines

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Like many categories, organic brands have developed a somewhat predictable palette that tends to make them fit in rather than stand apart. Branding for Bonterra Organic Wines used a proprietary palette of typography, color and iconography that managed to feel natural and premium without discarding familiarity of the previous identity.

Organic farming isn’t about what is prohibited. Rather, it’s about encouraging nature to thrive. Labels were inspired by that idea, offering the brand new ways to tell its story and customize individual varietals by drawing on elements from the palette of color and iconography.

Growing grapes organically for over 20 years, Bonterra had authentic organic credentials, so it benefited by telling a real story, one that invited consumers to engage, discover and share the experience. Inspired by the wonder of nature, Bonterra’s story was brought to life in three small books created to inform distributors and other partners about the brand, its varietals and organic farming.

Bonterra Road Show

The Bonterra Roadshow was created to educate distributors across the country. It included a multimedia presentation on Bonterra’s organic practices and a wine tasting featuring several of Bonterra’s award winning varietals.

Bonterra Organic Wines | Cue
Bonterra Organic Wines | Cue