Gold Bond

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Portfolio Architecture

Gold Bond has been innovating skincare since 1908. With origins in medicated powders, the brand developed a reputation as utilitarian, masculine, and a bit outdated. Over generations, Gold Bond grew, adding more and more products to serve a range of audiences and conditions.

In serving so many segments, sub brands and products, the packaging architecture became complex and fragmented. This large array of products, although innovative, became subordinate to many fast-growing, upstart competitors. With innovative competition challenging Gold Bond’s leadership, management adopted a strategy to elevate its proposition to a high performance brand, opting to unify its portfolio under a single identity, establishing a consistent look and architecture at point of sale. With “Champion Your Skin®” as the articulation of the new positioning, we created a single identity, expression and system to accommodate well-over 100 SKUs.

Equity Pushed Forward

The result is a new identity designed to reflect the brand’s trusted heritage and innovative mindset. The new identity retains familiarity using an arched wordmark. A new icon replaces the heritage seal, reflecting Gold Bond’s approach to skincare as a part of overall health and well-being: Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

A Unified Brand Portfolio

The new expression needed to unify the portfolio under one identity, retain valuable equity while adding new innovative skincare products, and accommodate a variety of naming conventions, definitions and proprietary messages. The messaging hierarchy needed to span product categories, comply with FDA regulations, and apply the system across a large variety of SKUs including a range of vessel shapes and sizes.

Champion Your Skin

The “Champion Your Skin” advertising campaign (created by others) adopted the new look and feel, and reinforced the brand position as a high performance champion of skincare, across television, social media, print and online POS. A brand toolkit of iconography, graphic assets and templates was created to support and expedite the consistent, compelling application of the new visual equity and messaging.

Old & New

Gold Bond was fragmented, with two different identities, multiple hierarchies, competing iconography and packaging forms that use different graphic elements and violators. The new packaging system establishes a consistent hierarchy with typography, iconography, color and single identity to unify the portfolio and make navigation easier.

“Working with Cue was a true delight. They are active listeners, willing to address needs, contributions, or concerns. They are genuine, collaborative, encourage candid discussions, and are considerate in all aspects of building a brand. Cue feels more like a trusted partner than an agency.”

– Meghan Lancaster, Senior Manager of Design at Sanofi CHC