El Jimador Tequila

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Portfolio Architecture

Since its introduction in 1994, el Jimador Tequila had become the top-selling tequila in Mexico. To accelerate growth in the United States, el Jimador needed to strengthen its brand expression and differentiate itself from over 1,300 tequila brands already in the market.

Our partners at Brown-Forman Design invited us to help el Jimador tell a more compelling brand story to capture the attention of young adults in the U.S. market. A premium, 100% agave tequila with authentic credentials, el Jimador needed to retain the equity it had built as Mexico’s most popular tequila, while finding new ways to increase its appeal.

An Authentic Identity

In a world of many tequila choices, el Jimador had authenticity, but the packaging was not projecting a sense of fun, energy and spirit. With an understanding of el Jimador’s Mexican consumers, we refreshed the brand’s identity and retained its equity.

Opportunity for Change

Consumer insight helped us determine what the brand’s iconography was communicating to its audience and understand which elements held authentic meaning for the brand. As the number one selling 100 percent agave tequila in Mexico,* el Jimador needed to transition to a more premium expression without alienating loyal Mexican consumers.

*Nielsen/Iscam May 2013

The New Look of el Jimador

The redesigned bottle is sleeker, with more pronounced shoulders and base, giving it a stronger silhouette. A jimador embossed on the bottle strengthens the brand icon, and a seal representing Casa Herradura authenticates el Jimador’s provenance.

El Jimador’s brand language uses a system of logotype, color, typography and iconography to tell a more complete brand story. The new label is smaller and positioned on the bottle a new way. Metallic colors differentiate blanco, reposado and añejo expressions. A motif of agave plants and coas (traditional harvesting tools) depict el Jimador’s hand-harvested story.

Photography: Mark LaFavor