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We’ve cracked the code on Millennials: They love causes, they love value, and they love tacos. That insight led to a remarkably simple strategy culminating in an incredibly effective brand we named “Dollar Taco.” It’s an accessible brand with an ironic wink, and Millennials are literally eating it up. With an innovative supply chain and a distribution channel second to none, Dollar Taco is slaying hunger one dollar at a time. “Cue nailed the look and feel with an authenticity that speaks to the culture,” says Melissa Shank, Brand Manager. “Process Yellow isn’t a color just any brand can own, but by complimenting it with black, we got to something very proprietary.” The look and feel may scream value, but appetites aged 22 to 27 are saying “Mmm.”

Dollar Taco | Cue
Dollar Taco | Cue

“Process Yellow isn’t a color just any brand can own...”

– Melissa Shank, Brand Manager