Can You Believe It’s Not…

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Innovation in food science has led to the development of some incredible products this side of the new millennium. Made possible by these advancements are a variety of foods remarkably similar in taste to their real counterparts. Capitalizing on this feat of modern chemical manipulation comes a line of some pretty, dare we say, “unbelievable” products. “Can You Believe?” is the brand mantra (and namesake) for this franchise branded with essential product feature icons. This brand is leading the consumer packaged goods world, empowering consumers with information about food. Will they believe? We’re pretty sure they probably will.

Can You Believe It's Not... | Cue
Can You Believe It's Not... | Cue

“Believe it or not, we're making consumers believers in these unbelievable products.”

– Robert Mogul, CEO, Food Science Int'l.