Brown-Forman Literature

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The year 2010 marked the beginning of the 15th decade in business for Brown-Forman as a producer of some of the world’s finest spirits and wine brands. We helped them commemorate that milestone by creating the 2010 Annual Report, which helped the company look forward to new growth and opportunity.

We also created iconography and provided direction for the Strategy issue of Straight Up, Brown-Forman’s internal publication. The Strategy issue affirmed the company’s values and mission, and focused on initiatives to meet new business goals in the future.

When the world lost one of Brown-Forman’s greats, the company asked Cue to create a fitting tribute. The book we assembled told the life story of Owsley Brown, a patriarch of the Brown family, a former leader of the company and example of the values and success of the company. This compilation of photos, stories and digital imagery keeps alive Owsley’s legacy for generations of Brown-Forman employees and family alike.