Briggs & Stratton Rebrand

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The Briggs & Stratton logo is a reminder of the important role the engine plays. The solution was built on the legacy of past marks and serves to brand the engine proudly, with strength and confidence.

The extended system of brand marks differentiates the connected parts of the company, and includes ingredient branding, genuine parts, advertising signatures, and commercial offerings.

Identity System

The identity system was not only a new look, but a way to understand the brand. Identity Guidelines packaged a brand book that explained the consumer proposition and a DVD containing digital artwork and graphic standards.

The internal launch to key managers delivers the Identity Guidelines along with personal business cards and gifts featuring the new brand mark.

Building on the strength and pride of the new mark, the identity system applied to the corporate business system conveys a professional confidence and consistency across global divisions.

Work wear was a fitting extension of the brand proposition: building a legacy of self-reliance.

The annual Global Product Update event brings employees from around the world together to introduce new products and share strategies for promoting the brand worldwide. For the event, a design template was applied to shirts, banners and presentation materials.

Part Packaging

Briggs & Stratton makes maintenance and replacement parts for every engine and product it manufactures. Simple, easy-to-navigate packaging empowers consumers to be self-reliant, by guiding them to the right parts and supplying instructions when necessary.

Racing Program

Briggs & Stratton has been deep into motorsports for almost as long as it has been into engines, making more racing engines than anyone else in the world. We created an identity for the racing program that signals the passion of racing and shares signature elements with the Briggs & Stratton core identity.

There’s nothing more central to the racing brand than the engine, and Briggs & Stratton makes two that are standards in racing. The Animal is ideal for modification while the Formula engine is the defacto global standard for unmodified racing across multiple classes.

In branding the Animal we saw an opportunity to create an idea that could be defined, shared and “owned” by a subculture of young racing enthusiasts.

The reach of the racing program is extended through a broad range of applications including track signage, decals, promotional materials and apparel.

At trade shows, Briggs & Stratton Racing competes with other high energy sports but must retain the honest, simple nature of the brand. Large scale banners demonstrate Briggs & Stratton’s authentic connection to racing.