Element: The critical link in the supply chain

At the end of 2010, the multinational company Stork, B.V. sold its materials technology division to outside investors. No longer affiliated with its parent, the organization asked Cue to help create a name and brand for the new company.

Introducing Element

While the project began as a new name and logo, we recognized a bigger opportunity: to create a new-to-the-world brand imbued with all the positive equities of the old company, but with a striking expression that could differentiate it in the marketplace. Interviews with customers, employees, management, and industry experts revealed a defining proposition for the organization – one that merged its technical expertise with its commitment to customers. The sharpened proposition became a guide for name generation and evaluation.

The name Element describes the company’s unique ability to understand the parts as they relate to a whole, to see both the details and the big picture.

A Bigger Purpose

Cue designed a brand identity and voice that speak to a specialized audience. Element is much more than a company that sells testing. It’s the critical link in the supply chain. The brand identity communicates credibility to engineers and industry experts, while still appearing approachable and human. It’s scientific and clear, but with a friendly, purposeful tone.

The brand and its promise are revealed using simple, graphic language that is reprised throughout the materials designed for the brand.

The new identity helps Element get the credit it deserves, and in turn provides opportunities for future expansion. The Element brand unites a vast network of labs in cities around the world, including many preexisting companies it has acquired, under one brand. Bringing these disparate units together under a central identity enhances Element’s value, and makes it more attractive to organizations that may want to join it in the future.

Launching the Brand

Cue developed a brand animation to introduce the company and express its market proposition.

The Critical Element

Cue designed a custom website to serve as a go-to resource and recruiting tool at the center of this new brand voice. The challenge was to simplify and streamline a broad, technical database of information, and to balance expertise with humanity. We filtered an incredibly diverse and specialized range of services into carefully organized use cases. The website focuses on Element’s expertise in four industries. It gives engineers quick access to valuable information, and explains how the company provides critical services to its clients.

A Diverse Knowledge Base

The brochure serves to provide an introduction to the new company and an overview of its capabilities. It presents the company’s proposition and promotes its focus within four industries: Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Transportation.

Reaching a Global Audience

As a global, British-owned company based in the Netherlands, Element operates in various countries with different languages and cultures. Branded materials were designed and formatted taking this into account, making sure that Element materials work across continents. The new brand identity is applied to materials in labs and offices ranging from signage to business cards.

The team at Cue understood our challenge. They worked closely with us to develop a creative and versatile solution that represents our commitment to being engaged experts on a global level.

– Charles Noall, President and CEO, Element