Earthjustice: A bold voice for a healthy environment

Founded in 1971 as the legal defense fund for the Sierra Club, Earthjustice is the nation’s original environmental law organization. Earthjustice pioneered environmental law, but had difficulty standing apart from the many other environmental organizations competing for donor support and market attention.

A Bold New Expression

Working with brand strategy firm Tait Subler, Earthjustice had recently completed an internal repositioning process to define and articulate the organization’s core purpose.  It was now time to bring the strategy to life.  In partnership with Hen’s Teeth Branding, our team was tasked with developing a brand identity that would reflect the new brand positioning. We created a bold new expression and helped Earthjustice learn to speak with a strong, impactful voice.

Making a Big Impact


The evolved logo uses bold typography to be impactful and engaging.

Earthjustice fights for the environment, using the power of law to preserve, protect and promote a healthy environment for everyone. To communicate this mission and purpose, the brand’s tone needed to be bold, strong, impactful and active. We evolved the Earthjustice logo to embody the brand’s boldness and strength, and to allow more flexibility in placement, meaning and use. The new logo stands confidently apart in the category and serves as a powerful tool in all of the organization’s communications.

We designed a look and feel for the new identity that allows for variations of the primary logo to fit the needs of each communication piece.

Standing Apart from the Pack

The Earthjustice brand toolkit serves as a guide for the communications team to own a new way of thinking and behaving. It explains how Earthjustice’s unique voice can stand apart in a category where many other organizations are expressing a similar mission. Along with the Hen’s Teeth team, we traveled to San Jose, California for a work session to introduce the toolkit to Earthjustice’s staff. We hosted a series of exercises that explained how to use the tools, and trained the communications team to speak in the new brand voice.

The toolkit explains the “dos and don’ts” of Earthjustice brand communications, such as how to select imagery that is appropriate for the brand’s visual tone and manner.

Bringing the Brand to Life

The toolkit demonstrates how to create a consistent and strategic look for any visual communication effort. The Earthjustice graphic system can be combined with conceptual imagery to create unique and ownable print advertising, direct mail and other communications. Mockups for the letterhead and membership activation kit show how the brand identity system can be applied in a way that creates a proprietary look and feel.

Finding Earthjustice's Voice

No matter the message or medium, Earthjustice communications must express the purpose behind the actions of the organization. And Earthjustice should always tell the brand’s story in a savvy, thoughtful and engaging way. The verbal messaging guide we delivered was designed to help Earthjustice talk about the organization’s core beliefs, motivation, and how to take action.

Every communication effort is different, but every effort is designed to consistently embrace the Earthjustice tone and manner.


Reaching and Motivating Supporters

Earthjustice communications are targeted at the big-picture achievers who comprise the organization’s most treasured partners, donors, influencers and brand ambassadors. These are the people who share the emotional desire and motivation to act. With this audience in mind, communications are designed to appeal to the results-oriented and achievement-oriented mindset of Earthjustice’s supporters.

All Earthjustice communications are designed to engage emotionally and provoke action.

Work shown reflects conceptual and directional recommendations.