United Subcontractors Inc.: Using Brand To Make Many Companies One

United Subcontractors, Inc. (USI) started as a “consortium” of (separately branded) subcontractors providing a variety of services within the building industry. Business development efforts to date had centered on purchasing efficiencies, with limited consideration for brand. As the industry grew, management saw the opportunity and market value of a single, shared brand.

USI |Cue
USI |Cue

Partnering To Compete On A Large Scale

USI engaged Cue to create a brand that could transform a loose alliance of small, separate companies into a single network, able to partner and compete on a large scale and be more attractive to partnership or acquisition.

Leading Organizations Coming Together As One

Cue created a strategic platform and differentiated market proposition, centered on the idea “The Best As One.” The brand idea celebrated the integration of leading organizations coming together around a commitment to elevated standards of work, and shared best practices for the business.

USI |Cue
USI |Cue

Core Identity System Elements

The new brand identity and expression communicates strength, accountability, urgency, efficiency and consistent high standards. The new identity also flips the brand architecture, creating a strong USI at the top of the brand.

USI |Cue

System Applications

Applying The Brand To Hundreds Of Trucks On The Road Every Day

One of the more valuable branding opportunities was the fleet of trucks USI had on the road every day. The new solution created an iconic look and a flexible visual language for the many sizes and styles of trucks on the road, creating driving billboards that benefit everyone in the larger organization. The new identity architecture also helped historic organizations like Champion Insulation transition their equity to the new organization.

USI |Cue
USI |Cue

A Flexible Visual Language Allows For Application To A Wide Range Of Materials

In addition to the core identity, Cue created a flexible visual language that could be easily applied to a broad range of internal and external materials, signage and work tools by USI internal resources and its various agencies.

USI Today

USI grew to be the 3rd largest insulation installation and distribution provider in the country. In May 2018, USI’s national network was acquired by TopBuild, creating a $2.3 billion network. It’s the largest in the nation, with a 40% share of all new housing starts. The Cue-developed branding solution for USI has been retained across the organization under new ownership.

“We are very pleased to announce this transaction with TopBuild. This will be a tremendous outcome for all our stakeholders as the combined organization will be better positioned to provide innovative and high-quality solutions to customers. Both companies have shared values and are guided by a commitment to reliability, high performance and safety.”

– Bill Verner, CEO, USI