Streetz American Grill

  • Brand Identity
  • Environment
  • Packaging

Streetz American Grill is an independent, quick-serve restaurant concept that offers great American street food in an environment with an upscale vibe. Our client, an entrepreneur with a passion for food and hospitality, saw an opportunity to create a menu of the most loved American street foods, authentically prepared from quality ingredients.

Authentic American Street Food

Streetz is inspired by famous street food destinations found across the country−places with unique character that specialize in local favorites like Philly cheesesteaks, Coney Island hot dogs and gyros. For inspiration, we drew on signs and ephemera from vintage American dining establishments like hot dog stands burger joints The Streetz identity is brought to life on signage, packaging and in the restaurant interior. A color palette, eclectic typography and messaging to add personality. These elements work together to create an experience that feels sleek and authentic.

A curated palette of materials and simple architectural details creates an environment that is inviting and modern. This “kit of parts” is used to develop a distinct look and feel at each location, and within different building configurations.

From Monster Burgers to Chicago dogs and truffle fries, the menu hosts a wide array of items. The menu choices are presented simply and clearly to expedite selection and ordering. Branding is applied to workwear, hats and retail apparel.

Made to Franchise

Streetz began with two locations, one in a former diner and a second in a strip mall location. Collaborating with Tanek Architects, we created a branded site with elements that can be assembled in a variety of configurations depending on location, signage needs and differing city codes. Similarly, the restaurant interiors use a palette of colors, materials and architectural details to support a brand that is unique, inviting and scalable. Photography: Chris Sheehan