Connect Homes

Connect Homes was created with the goal of making modern living accessible for those who aspire to live that way. Eight years in, they are still producing homes at the highest standards, using an assembly line approach to control quality and costs. Delivered to the site 90% complete, modules fit together like Legos to create a variety of configurations, making Connect Homes a great solution for just about any location.

Created by veterinarians for vets, pets and pet parents, MySimplePetLab is a leader in at-home pet testing and care. MySimplePetLab believes keeping pets heathy should be simple, offering a wide range of vet-approved tests and care kits. Using the latest testing methods in its own certified lab, MySimplePetLab is able to send results directly to pet parents and vets. Cue partnered with MySimplePetLab, creating an expression that brings the brand’s mission to life.

Bacio makes food approachable, feeding customers’ desire to experience, discover and learn. But, when faced with restrictions on serving capacity due to Covid, the management team of this Twin Cities restaurant felt the need to create new ways to serve customers, including curbside delivery, to-go meals and cocktails, and the purchase of a food truck (the largest in the state). Now mobile, the restaurant has a new way to diversify its menu and expand its customer base across the metro area. With an inviting name, and truck design that’s as tasty the food it serves, Bacio can serve any location or event with a custom offering. Whether a simple picnic barbecue or a multi-course wedding reception, Bacio-A-Go-Go’s mobile kitchen mixes hospitality and fresh food with versatility and a side of fun.

Fast Phone Repair is a team and culture of expertise and service. Committed to consistently high standards of device repair, they’re an organization of professionally-trained individuals, operating at a high level.

Cue was approached to create a credible, approachable device repair brand. The brand promises an uncomplicated experience with gratifying results, and invites possible employees and franchise owners to inquire. Confident brand elements create a clear and dynamic environment throughout communications. This translates to online presence, signage, and store design, providing credibility to a growing company.

Streetz American Grill is an independent, quick-serve restaurant concept that offers great American street food in an environment with an upscale vibe. Our client, an entrepreneur with a passion for food and hospitality, saw an opportunity to create a menu of the most loved American street foods, authentically prepared from quality ingredients.

In 2015, the highly respected law firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi was renamed Robins Kaplan, prompting the need for a new identity. At the same time, the firm saw an opportunity to make sure the brand personality was more accurately represented−to capitalize on its past reputation, and to signal a strong, promising future.

AI Fire has built an entire organization focused on fire protection services. It has the scale and experience to serve large clients through its Academy Fire call center. At the same time, it is rooted in personal customer service at the local level with field teams from Impact Fire. To unify the businesses, we created a fresh new brand, one that honors each company’s past, looks forward with a strong visual language, and gives the brand a differentiating presence in the category.

Focused on exceptional food and authentic hospitality, this suburban restaurant offers a menu balancing guest favorites, seasonal items and occasional surprises. Inspired by locally sourced food and original recipes from scratch, Vivo Kitchen is as much about being welcoming as it is about serving delicious food.

Like many categories, organic brands have developed a somewhat predictable palette that tends to make them fit in rather than stand apart. Branding for Bonterra Organic Wines used a proprietary palette of typography, color and iconography that managed to feel natural and premium without discarding familiarity of the previous identity.

Organic farming isn’t about what is prohibited. Rather, it’s about encouraging nature to thrive. Labels were inspired by that idea, offering the brand new ways to tell its story and customize individual varietals by drawing on elements from the palette of color and iconography.

The Good Day Cafe set out to be a place that makes people comfortable on their first visit and a place they’ll make their own. It invites people to meet, have a cup of coffee, share a great meal or hang out. The exterior of the restaurant welcomes customers with a familiar warmth and approachability.