ELM: Home & Building Solutions

ELM is a formidable “team-of-teams”, comprised of three distinct companies – Englert, LeafGuard and MetalMan – whose competencies are well integrated. For over 50 years, Englert Inc. has been the gold standard for residential and commercial metal roof and gutter systems, with premier manufacturing and supply chain expertise. LeafGuard revolutionized residential gutter systems with its one-piece system, and direct-to-consumer efficiency and speed. And, MetalMan is the culmination of Englert manufacturing and LeafGuard direct-to-consumer model, bringing premium metal roofing to the residential market.

For commercial builders, efficient site management is critical to success. Total Tool was created to support that success, supplying commercial builders with a deep inventory of tools and safety supplies along with a breadth of services that includes repair, rental, rigging and training. Established almost 40 years ago, the company has continually strived to provide custom solutions paired with expert, industry-leading customer service. Unmatched dedication has made Total Tool a trusted partner within the industry.

Mariano Rivera is best known as a New York Yankees pitching legend and the only player ever unanimously voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Growing up in Panama, he faced many obstacles that would shape his approach to life. Through commitment and perseverance, he developed skills and virtues that would become keys to his success, contributing to one of the most successful careers in Major League Baseball.

Mariano and his wife, Clara, founded the Mariano Rivera Foundation in 1998 to provide children from impoverished families the life skills that will set them on the path to a brighter future. Cue was approached to create an identity that embodies the spirit and values of the foundation, helping to communicate its ambitious goals.

As beautiful as it is intriguing, the Pacific Northwest is a place where convention is challenged, and open-minded exploration is rewarded with discovery. Headwind Vodka embodies the natural beauty and urban sophistication of the Pacific Northwest – from the packaging to the liquid, no matter where you are in the world.

Cue was approached to name and create the brand, packaging design, website, and launch materials for this new spirits venture.

As medicine continues to advance and extend the quality of life, health care and the demands on caregivers become more complex. CEO Jill Lytwyn saw an opportunity to offer visionary female leadership and elevate the institutional pharmacy experience by providing professional service to caregivers, with a relationship of empowering support. The brand is inspired by the lotus flower, a symbol that represents new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, and inspires growth. In contrast to typical institutional pharmacies, Lotus Pharmacy offers localized, high touch service with added value support.

Meridian Behavioral Health is a network of health facilities, addressing chemical dependency, addiction, mental health and other behavioral issues for men, women, adolescents and LGBT clients. With new acquisitions and growth of its portfolio, the company needed to sharpen its proposition and codify its mission and values. We created a new identity for Meridian designed to preside over a growing number of health facilities and behavioral health specializations across the country. The “North Star” icon represents the company’s diverse expertise and a symbol of Meridian as a standard-bearer of values common to the facilities it owns.

John Barr was an award winning Scotch whisky from times past, but the packaging lacked quality cues. Owned by Whyte & MacKay, the John Barr brand asked Cue to redesign in preparation for a re-launch, with new design and improved spirit.

Our proposition “Tradition Forward” inspired a new design for John Barr Reserve (black) and Finest (red) Blends. We evolved the bottle silhouette and retained color references, but pushed the brand boldly forward, embodying a more forward-looking label expression to stand apart on shelf.

Fast Phone Repair is a team and culture of expertise and service. Committed to consistently high standards of device repair, they’re an organization of professionally-trained individuals, operating at a high level.

Cue was approached to create a credible, approachable device repair brand. The brand promises an uncomplicated experience with gratifying results, and invites possible employees and franchise owners to inquire. Confident brand elements create a clear and dynamic environment throughout communications. This translates to online presence, signage, and store design, providing credibility to a growing company.

On a very short list of the most capable fundamental growth investment firms is Winslow Capital. A company with a track record of success for almost a quarter of a century, Winslow Capital needed a brand and identity true to its past success and capable of looking forward. Winslow Capital’s insightful understanding of markets, proven methodology, rigorous research and visionary leadership led us to a sharpened proposition for the brand: Charting Next. That proposition inspired an identity understated and timeless, and true to a company that weighs complicated data with confidence and clarity. Along with the identity system, a simple, sophisticated look and feel was created to apply to signage, printed materials, website, and a future workspace. The tagline “Growing Forward” was written to punctuate Winslow Capital’s forward thinking approach to fundamental investing.

AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp is known as one of the national organization’s premier design conferences, one that takes our profession and passion to the great outdoors of Northern Minnesota. When we were asked to contribute to the effort, we enthusiastically committed to creating conference materials for the 2018 event.