Robins Kaplan LLP: Rewriting the Odds

In 2015, the highly respected law firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi was renamed Robins Kaplan, prompting the need for a new identity. At the same time, the firm saw an opportunity to make sure the brand personality was more accurately represented – to capitalize on its past reputation, and to signal a strong, promising future.

Defining a Champion

As the nation’s premier trial law firm, Robins Kaplan is an elite group of law professionals, always at-the-ready. With some of the finest legal professionals anywhere, Robins Kaplan cuts through complexity to get to the heart of the problem and win what matters most.


That same purposeful mindset informed the brand expression, using a palette of simple ingredients to focus communications powerfully, simply and consistently. With the name change came a need to act quickly, to immediately create a primary logo, as well as refresh many of the expressions of the Robins Kaplan brand.
The system began with a proprietary wordmark, and added a simple color system, typography and more.

Building a Strong Brand

Beyond the primary identity, we focused on creating a core business system, presentation templates, hospitality items, and other everyday tools for doing business. Following those items were templates for promotional literature, documents, attorney bios, office signage and much more. All of these elements were designed in support of the identity to create a powerful, cohesive brand.

rk_business system


Progressive Legal Professionals

Robins Kaplan saw the need to evolve its operating model from practice-focused to industry-focused, and shifted its persona from a Minneapolis-centric office to a national law firm operating in multiple cities. With such a wide variety of subject matter to cover, it was necessary to define a system in which the Robins Kaplan voice is consistent, strong and clear. This becomes real using confident, focused messaging, imagery, and iconography.


A Premier Firm

The brand is supported by a variety of items that reflect the strength of the firm in every detail. From branded items in conference rooms to employee apparel to client gifts, quality and attention to detail are important in representing one of the nation’s premier trial law firms.


“With our firm’s name change came an opportunity to refresh the expression of our brand and reinforce our unique proposition. Cue clearly articulated a differentiated brand platform and delivered it consistently at every point of contact. Cue were masters in creating a highly-crafted design solution and a powerful system that will serve us over time. They assisted with change management and helped instill a discipline around a consistent expression of our brand.
Cue’s team was insightful, responsive, engaging, and provided unparalleled design expertise. Without a doubt, they are a “kick-ass” firm and you would be a fool not to hire them for your next branding project! “

– Dennis Meyer, Chief Marketing and Business Develoment Officer, Robins Kaplan LLP