el Jimador Tequila: A brand rising to the occasion

Since its introduction in 1994, el Jimador Tequila has become the top-selling tequila in Mexico. To accelerate growth in the United States,
el Jimador needed to strengthen its brand expression and differentiate itself from over 1,300 tequila brands already competing in the market.

Reaching New Audiences

Our partners at Brown-Forman Design invited us to collaborate and help el Jimador tell a more compelling brand story that would grab the attention of energetic young adults in the U.S. market. A premium, 100% agave tequila with authentic credentials, el Jimador needed to retain the equity it had built over the years as Mexico’s most popular tequila, while finding new ways to increase its shelf presence and appeal. The first step was to refresh and refine the brand’s primary identity.

An Authentic Identity

el Jimador Tequila Rebrand | Cue | A Brand Design Company

The el Jimador brand stands for living life with courage, passion and pride. These values are expressed in the evolved visual identity, which strikes just the right balance of familiarity and uniqueness.

As the next step in el Jimador’s rebrand, we explored how the current expression and brand promise, “Rise to the Occasion” could come to life in relevant ways. For el Jimador’s audience, how they work and play affirms who they are and what they bring to the party. These consumers are attracted to brands that add value through credibility, helping them earn the respect of their peers. In a world of many tequila choices, el Jimador brings something meaningful to the party, but the packaging was not projecting this sense of fun, energy and spirit.

Opportunity for Change

el Jimador Tequila Rebrand | Cue | A Brand Design Company

el Jimador’s previous packaging needed to be refreshed to energize sales in the U.S. and expand the brand’s reputation of quality.

Consumers offered insight to help us determine what the brand’s iconography was communicating to its audience, and to understand which elements (including vessel, label, logotype, art and language) held authentic meaning for the brand. As the number 1 selling 100 percent agave tequila in Mexico,* el Jimador needed to transition to a new, more premium expression without alienating loyal Mexican consumers.

*Nielsen/Iscam May 2013

The New Look of el Jimador

el Jimador Tequila Rebrand | Cue | A Brand Design Company

The redesigned bottle is sleeker, with more pronounced shoulders and base, giving it a modern silhouette. An embossed monogram of Casa Herradura serves as an elegant nod to the historic distillery where el Jimador is produced.

Iconic Visual Elements

el Jimador Tequila Rebrand | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyThe name el Jimador honors the men who harvest the locally grown agave with great pride and care. An embossed illustration of the iconic jimador represents the hard work and dedication to craftsmanship displayed by the master agave harvesters.

Delivering the Brand Promise

el Jimador Tequila Rebrand | Cue | A Brand Design CompanyEl Jimador’s brand language system incorporates identity, color, typography and iconography to tell a more complete brand story. The new label is smaller and more streamlined, with a refined wordmark. The brand seal incorporates the product’s attributes into a mark of authenticity, and metallic colors differentiate blanco, reposado and añejo expressions. With a motif of agave plants and coas (traditional harvesting tools), the brand pattern reflects el Jimador’s hand-harvested product story.

Photography: Mark LaFavor